About Your Neurologist

Each year General Practitioners are visited by patients suffering from neurological symptoms.  Many of these symptoms can be treated by by the General Practitioner, although your General Practitioner may suggest referral to a neurologist. A neurologist is a specialist physician who treats diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle. Neurologists undergo extensive training in general medicine and clinical neurology, and are members of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Your General Practitioner should refer you to the most appropriate specialist to treat your condition.

Finding a neurologist

Your General Practitioner will refer you to a neurologist who has experience or training in the condition you need treatment for.  The GP should not ask you to provide them with a name of a neurologist, although of course you may request a referral to a specialist of your choice.

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) is unable to recommend a specific neurologist or provide a list of neurologists.  The Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists is also unable to provide advice or information about medical conditions. For such enquiries, ANZAN members have worked in conjunction with the Australian Brain Foundation to develop a website with information about neurological disorders. This website can be viewed at: https://brainfoundation.org.au

How long will I need to wait for an appointment?

The waiting time for an appointment will depend upon the seriousness of your illness.  In most cases your GP will suggest treatment until your appointment with the neurologist.  If the GP makes the assessment that your condition requires urgent treatment, an earlier appointment will be scheduled.