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Monash Medical Centre
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Prof Dominic Thyagarajan
Phone : 613 9594 5527
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Training Positions : Three
Elective Training Positions : Three
Fellowships : Stroke, Movement Disorder, Neurophysiology

Core Position Descriptions
Core training comprises 4 months as the consultation registrar, 4 months as the inpatient registrar and. 4 months stroke. The consultation registrar will review patients referred from other units including Dandenong Hospital (twice a week) and attends a range of outpatient clinics. The inpatient registrar is responsible for care of the neurology and epilepsy monitoring inpatients as well as attending a general neurology outpatient clinic. Registrars are involved in neurophysiology sessions. Registrars participate in a 1 week in three on call roster. In addition to clinical supervision, registrars attend weekly clinical meetings. Educational activities include weekly lectures, a journal club and presentations of ongoing research in the department.

Neurophysiology training is extensive and conforms to the Neurology SAC's training requirements of supervised and logged neurophysiology procedures. Supervision of nerve conduction studies/EMG is structured as follows: Each trainee is required to spend one afternoon per week for 3 weeks out of every 4 of the duration of their training being supervised in nerve conduction studies/EMG by Dr V Gordon, Dr Y Lee (Director of Neurophysiology training) and Prof. Dominic Thyagarajan. During this time they will learn to program simple and complex nerve conduction study/EMG procedures.

In the fourth week of every month each trainee is required to spend one allocated afternoon for the reading of EEG's evoked potentials with supervision provided by Dr S Bower and Dr U Seneviratne. In addition to supervision trainees will receive a formal lecture series on theoretical aspect of clinical neurophysiology.

Elective Position Descriptions
Stroke: This is a stroke registrar position, responsible for inpatient care of stroke patients. We are offering a one year research and clinical fellowship in the field of Cerebrovascular Medicine at Monash Medical Centre and collaborating institutions. The strength of the unit is in MR and CT perfusion imaging and epidemiological research in the field of stroke and vascular dementia. Applicants should have medical qualifications recognised in Victoria and preferably be advanced trainee in Neurology/Geriatric/Endocrine Medicine (FRACP). Those undertaking a higher degree or post-doctoral degree are encouraged to apply.

Contact: A/Prof Thanh G Phan (613) 9594 5527

Movement Disorder: The Movement Disorder fellowship (The Movement Disorder Unit) at Monash is comprehensive and involves regular outpatient clinics, a deep brain stimulation program, Apomorphine and Botulinum Toxin clincs acress 2 sites at Monash Medical Centre and Kingston Centre. Applicants with a focus on research in Movement Disorders would be preferred and a research project involving a clinical study or a more basic research would be expected.w

Contact: Prof Dominic Thyagarajan (613) 9594 5527
Dr Sanjay Raghav (613) 9594 5527

Neurophysiology: The neurophysiology fellowship includes training in nerve conduction studies and electromyography, specialised techniques such as autonomic studies and single fibre EMG, training in EEG and movement in the epilepsy sense and participation in the outpatient neuromuscular clinic. The fellowship commences with a one month introductory course.

Contact: Dr Janaka Seneviratne (613) 9594 5527

Hospital Information

Monash Medical Centre is a University teaching hospital and is situated near Monash University. The inpatient neurology unit consists of ten beds for neurology patients (including epilepsy monitoring) plus twelve acute stroke beds. Outpatients consulting and neurophysiological investigations are conducted at Monash Neurology, the ambulatory neurological service provider within
the hospital.

Department Beds :
Ten beds neurology, Twelve acute stroke beds

Department Clinics
Several general neurology clinics per week

Department Specialty Clinics
First seizure, epilepsy, stroke, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular disorders, neuro-oncology, Friedreich's Ataxia, behavioural neurology, neuropsychiatry

Department Meetings
Clinical Neurology
Movement Disorders
Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Research in Progress
Journal Club
Monthly Invited Speaker
Joint Neurology-Neurosurgery

Department Staff
Prof Dominic Thyagarajan
A/Prof Peter Kempster
Prof Ingrid Scheffer
A/Prof Ernest Butler
A/Prof Krishna Vaddadi
Dr Russell Rollinson
A/Prof Thanh Phan
A/Prof Velandai Srikanth
Dr Sanjay Raghav
Dr Simon Bower
Dr Andrew Churchyard
Dr Victor Gordon
Dr Susan Mathers
Dr Ron Freilich
Dr Jim Howe
Dr Helene Roberts
Dr Yong Lee
Dr Michael Poon
Dr Henry Ma
Dr John Ly
Dr Saman Punchihewa
Dr Ben Clissold
Dr Udaya Seneviratne
Dr Janaka Seneviratne

Junior Staff Positions In Neurology

Trainee Responsibilities
Both neurology Registrar positions fulfil RACP requirements for advanced training in Neurology. Registrars will alternate roles. Stroke patients are under the care of a non-accredited stroke
registrar. There will be opportunities for training in Neuro physiological techniques including EEG and EMG.

Selection Criteria

Philosophy Of Training
Our philosophy for core training in neurology is accumulation of experience through apprenticeship in a supervised environment. Trainees will gain experience in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of neurological disorders. Trainees are required to make regular contributions to departmental clinical meetings and are encouraged to participate in clinical research. Regular meetings include neuroradiology, epilepsy program and combined meetings with neuropsychology and neurosurgery. We hold a monthly meeting with an invited prominent local, interstate or international clinical neuroscientist.

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